Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Have a Home Alarm System? Permit Registration Began June 1st in Suffolk County.

Do I Have to Get a Permit?

Beginning June 1, 2016, Suffolk County requires any home or business with an alarm system to register and obtain a permit.  Permits for residential buildings are $50 and commercial are $100. Permits must be renewed every year.

How Do I Get a Permit?

Homeowners with alarm systems can obtain a permit by CLICKING HERE.


Why do I Have to Get a Permit?

The law requiring permits was created to prevent false alarms and help the Suffolk County Police Department cover the costs associated with responding to false alarms.

What if I Don't Register?

Households with a permit will not be assess a fee for the first two (2) false alarms at their home, but will have a fee for the third.  Homes without a permit will be charged for the first false alarm and subsequent fees will be higher after that.

The Penalties for Registered Owners:

Residential    Commercial
1.Warning       Warning
  2.Warning     Warning
3.$100             $150
4.$150             $200
5.$200             $250
6.$250             $500
7.$300             $500
8.$350             $500
9.$450             $500 
10.$500           $500     

Penalties for Non-Registered Owners

Residential   Commercial
1.$100            $200
2.$150            $250
3.$200            $300
4.$250            $300
5.$300            $500
6.$350            $550
7.$400            $600
8.$500            $650
9.$500            $750
10.$500          $750

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