Friday, July 14, 2017

Why Should I Use a Mediator to Get Divorced?

For the right couple, there can be many benefits to using a mediator to get a divorce.  Mediation can be a less expensive and less stressful process than going to court.  In order to understand the benefit of using a mediator, it is first important to understand their role and how the process of mediation works.  

The Mediator’s Role
The role of a mediator is to help couples negotiate a fair agreement.  The mediator will sit with you both and listen to both of your concerns.  A good mediator will not act as the judge, but rather will inform you of possible solutions to your concerns and provide guidance.  An experienced mediator will make sure that everything is discussed and resolved.      

How it Works 
The three of you together will review your bank statements, pension statements, tax returns, and other important financial documents so that you both understand what accounts you have.  The mediator will also go over your concerns about your children.  For instance, you will discuss where the children will spend the holidays and who will pay for their activities and medical expenses.  If you own a home, you will figure out a plan for keeping it or selling it.  

Why it is Beneficial
When a person participates in making their own agreement, they are more likely to abide by it.  You have control over how quickly the process happens and have more say in the outcome without going to court.  By using a mediator, your agreement will include your specific concerns and you will have used the less costly and less stressful way to get there.


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